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[kôrēˈōləs] noun
Is the subtle force caused by the earth’s rotation that deflects moving objects, such as projectiles and air currents, to the right in the northern hemisphere and to the left in the southern hemisphere.

While the rotation of the earth is imperceptible to us in our daily lives, it is spinning at 1,656 km/hour at the equator. And if you trying to strike a distant target, accounting for the Coriolis Effect is the difference between hitting and missing.

At Coriolis Public Affairs we integrate the subtle factors that will ensure your campaign hits its mark.

Using the latest software and marketing techniques, we work with corporations, associations and candidates to develop and execute winning campaigns.

  • Design and build websites
  • Integrate campaign software
  • Create and manage social media content
  • Manage online advertising
  • Speechwriting
  • Government Relations
  • Develop strategic communication plans
  • Manage media relations

At Coriolis, we believe in the importance of discretion and do not disclose the projects we are engaged on unless requested to do so by our clients.


Our team has designed and managed campaigns for corporations, non-profit groups, political candidates and parties for over two decades.

We are certified NationBuilder Architects and Developers. We have extensive experience using modern online advertising and campaign tools.


Kory Teneycke

Over his past two decades in public affairs, Kory has served as the Director of Communications to the Prime Minister of Canada, managed the cable news channel “Sun News”, and served as Executive Director of the Renewable Fuels Association.


Aaron Gairdner

Served as Chief of Staff to the federal cabinet ministers of Foreign Affairs, Agriculture and National Defence. He also served as the campaign manager for Maxime Bernier.


Emrys Graefe

Formerly the Deputy Director of Political Operations at the Conservative Party of Canada, Emrys was the director of Maxime Bernier's highly successful digital campaign.